Dental Extractions Las Vegas

Las Vegas dental extractions, commonly known as “pulling teeth,” and referred to in the dental world as “exodontia,” is the act of removing a tooth from its socket in the jawbone. Tooth extraction is a very common procedure, but many people can be anxious or afraid when they find a tooth needs to be removed. That’s why choosing the right Las Vegas dentist for tooth extraction is so important. At ABC Dental Care, we understand that patients may be nervous or scared, and we work to make tooth extraction as painless as possible.

Why Would A Tooth Need To Be Extracted?

Sometimes a tooth is broken by an accident or trauma, other times a tooth has decayed so badly that filling it is impossible. In such cases, extraction may be necessary.

Other reasons for tooth extraction include:

What To Expect From A Tooth Extraction Procedure

Tooth extraction is a fairly simple procedure, but deciding to pull a tooth is not a decision to be entered into lightly. Dr. Khorshid will take all options into account before deciding on the best treatment plan for each patient. First, x-rays will be taken and examined to determine the best method for extraction. Areas surrounding the tooth and the suspect tooth’s relationship to the jaw, sinuses and adjacent teeth will be taken into account as well.

If an infection is present, or if the tooth is the risk of infection, the patient may be prescribed an antibiotic to take before the appointment. It is important that the patient follows all pre-procedure instructions to ensure the extraction goes smoothly.

When it is time for the extraction, the area surrounding the tooth will be numbed using a local anesthetic. If more than one tooth is going to be removed, general anesthesia (which puts the patient to sleep) may be used.

After the area is numb, the dentist will loosen the tooth with an instrument called an “elevator.” Once loose, he will use forceps to remove the tooth from the socket. If the tooth is broken and can’t easily be reached or if it is impacted, meaning it is below the gum line, a surgical extraction may be necessary. This means the dentist will make an incision in the gum in order to remove the tooth.

Caring For Your Mouth After An Extraction

Each dental extraction is different, so individual after-care procedures may be different. Some patients will receive oral antibiotics and others may receive topical antibiotics in addition to or in place of pills. A tooth extraction is a surgery, so no matter what your specific aftercare directions are, it is important to follow Dr. Khorshid’s instructions to the letter to prevent infection or dry sockets.

Replace gauze as instructed and do not rinse or spit forcefully for a day or two after the extraction. Use prescribed rinses or salt water rinses as directed. Patients may need to eat soft foods after a dental extraction for a few days and may also need to use ice packs to help with pain or swelling. Prolonged bleeding, swelling, nausea or fever should be reported to the dentist immediately.

Tooth extractions can cause fear and anxiety, but ABC Dental Care is known in Las Vegas for making the procedure as easy as possible for patients; getting them back to their normal routine and feeling great in no time.